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Modular Buildings

Fitzgerald Construction has been constructing transportable modular classrooms for the Ministry of Education for the last three years.

The offsite manufacturing process has been of interest for some time. Leveraging our expertise in building for the education sector, we eagerly embraced the opportunity to commence construction in a factory environment and ship buildings across the South Island. With a comprehensive range of skills, we not only engage in factory construction but also handle on-site foundation work and final commissioning.

Offsite manufacturing has a big future for Fitzgerald Construction, and we are enthusiastic about the expected growth in this construction method.

Building a Sustainable Future

Our OMB Buildings are made with consideration for the environment. We use a Steel Framing system, which is proudly manufactured in New Zealand from locally mined West Coast iron-sand and is made with a component of recycled steel.


The steel is galvanised during the manufacturing process and requires no further additional preservative chemical treatment. Because steel-framing sections are rollformed to length there's minimal wastage, reducing the environmental impact from building site waste going to landfill. Steel is also 100% recyclable, again and again, without losing its properties.


What makes our buildings better?

Our OMB Buildings are made to be used anywhere in New Zealand - and built to stand the test of time. We use the following systems to be sure of this:

- We use Acoustic walls and Ceiling linings, which create optimal learning environments by reducing and managing the reverberation.

- Our modules use a Warm Roof System. This helps us exceed the requirement of insulation standards. It also cancels out the sound of heavy rainfall all while retaining a high ceiling height.

- We use Metro Thermal Heart aluminum joinery which almost doubles the thermal performance of standard aluminum joinery.

- We use maintenance-friendly, long-lasting cladding systems. Such as Colorsteel, Axon Panel, and Timber Weatherboards. 

Module form buildings make getting access to hard-to-get spots and places possible. They also have the benefit of being relocatable if need be. We have just recently relocated into a new facility to build our Modules in. With this new building, it will provide us with a bigger space and improve efficiencies and production output.

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